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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
/ Look below for answers to frequent questions. If you don't see your issue addressed here, drop us a line for personalized help.


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What's an Account?
Accounts make online shopping safe and easy. An Account is a profile of information about your account that is stored on our servers. It can only be accessed by entering your user name and password. An Account makes it easy to place orders because it eliminates the need to re-key your shipping, billing, payment and account information each time you place an order. Accounts also enable you to check the status of any order you place with Computer Direct (even phone orders), use Computer Direct Direct News and our Saved Shopping Carts feature. Click here to create an Account.

How do I update my password, e-mail address and other Account information?
Click here to update your Account Contact, Billing or Shipping Information. Once there, click the appropriate "Edit" option.
Click here to change your password. This screen will display your user name and e-mail address. By clicking "Continue" you will be taken to a new screen that will allow you to change your password. When you have made the changes, click "Continue" and your password will be changed. To change the password, you will also need to fill in the required password verification fields. You CAN use your established password.

I have ordered from Computer Direct over the phone in the past and know my Customer Number, do I have a password?
A Customer Number does not automatically give you an Account and password. If you have only ordered from Computer Direct over the phone and have never ordered from computerdirect.co.nz or set up an Account, you will need to set up an Account to check Order Status or use other Account utilities.

Why did I receive my password? I didn't order anything.
A utility is available on our site for a user to ask for their password if they have forgotten it. If another customer enters your user name by mistake, you'll receive your password via e-mail. Note: This does NOT mean your account security has been violated.

Can you tell me my Customer Number?
You can receive your Customer Number by e-mail. Simply e-mail accounts@computerdirect.co.nz and include your full name, address, and order/invoice number.

When I attempt to log on to my Account, I am prompted back to the log on screen.
This is most likely caused by your browser not being set to receive cookies. You will not be able to log on without accepting a cookie. Check your browser's security settings and enable cookies. If this is not the case, e-mail accounts@computerdirect.co.nz. For more information about cookies, click here.

When I try to check my Order Status, the link takes me to Account.
To protect your privacy, you need to be logged onto your Account to check your order status.

I forgot my password and/or email & username, how can I find it?
To request an update to your password, click here. If you lost your email address, username or password, e-mail us at accounts@computerdirect.co.nz

Why does my order number show up as invalid when checking my order status?
Orders that have not yet shipped from our warehouse don't register in our Order Status tool. Once your order ships, the Order Status tool will give you correct information. However, keep in mind that you could also get an invalid order number error because your customer number does not match your order number. If you suspect this may be the case, e-mail accounts@computerdirect.co.nz.

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How do I cancel or update an order?
Click here to find out how to cancel your order. Updating your order is easy. Just click "View Cart" from the top menu of our site to see your current order. Just continue adding items to your cart. If we've already begun processing your order, you may need to create a new order. Just continue shopping and check out as usual. When you complete an order, we'll confirm that order with you via e-mail. This confirmation is sent immediately after your order is completed. To check the status of an order, click here. If you need to return a product to us, click here.

What is QuickCart and how do I use it?
QuickCart allows you bypass our search engine and use Computer Direct part numbers to build a shopping cart. Here is how to use it:

1) Find the Computer Direct part numbers of the items you want to buy. You can find them next to every product in every Computer Direct catalog, magazine ad, or mailing. You can also locate them in your purchase history, which you can access via our Order Status tool, or on a Computer Direct invoice.

If you are a regular Computer Direct customer, chances are you already have a list of Computer Direct part numbers handy.

2) Click the “View Cart” on the main site navigation.

3) Locate the QuickCart input box.

4) Type the Computer Direct part number you want and press the “Enter” key.

5) Repeat as needed.

How else can I learn about special offers from Computer Direct?
Easy. Just subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter, Computer Direct Direct News.

How do I check the status of my order?
Click here to check the status of your order. You will need to create an Account. You will also need your customer number and the order or invoice number. If you don't have all this information, e-mail accounts@computerdirect.co.nz. Include your full name, address, and order/invoice number.

I can't add items to my shopping cart.
Do you have your browser set to refuse cookies? If so, that is why your shopping cart is reporting that it is empty. Our site uses cookies to keep track of the items in your shopping cart. If cookies are turned off, then the shopping cart feature will not work for you. If this is the case, to successfully purchase a product, set your browser to accept cookies and you will be ready to start shopping. For more information about how to control your acceptance of cookies click here.

I can't remove items from my shopping cart.
You are probably experiencing a cache problem. When you attempted to remove the item from your shopping, cart your request was registered. However, the screen that appeared is from the cached memory in your computer. This problem can be solved by clicking the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on the top navigation bar of your browser.

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How do I establish credit terms for my business?
Simply fill out a Computer Direct Credit Application. Computer Direct offers Net 30 days terms to government agencies, schools and qualified businesses. Sorry, we currently do not offer credit terms to individuals.

Do you offer leasing options?
Yes, Computer Direct offers leasing options through third-party providers to qualified businesses.

Do you have a retail location?
Yes, Computer Direct has a showroom at 21 Laingfield Terrace, Laingholm, Auckland.

Do you offer specialized online programs for businesses?
Yes. In the future Computer Direct will offer customized websites for your business.

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How do I qualify for the online cash discount?
To qualify for the online cash discount, simply order online via the website and pay by cash, eftpos, or direct credit (internet or telephone banking). You can still come into the store and provided you are quick we can still accommodate the online cash discount on request. However, if more than five minutes pre-sales assistance (in store, by email, or phone) has been provided prior to the order confirmation then you will not qualify for this extra online cash discount and the normal everyday low price will be applied. This special pricing is for end users only, resellers or bulk purchasers should contact us directly for special reseller pricing.

Why is there a lower price for online cash payment orders?
When a self service customer shops online or in store we save a great deal of pre-sales time, time that would normally be associated with retail sales on the phone, via email, or on the shop floor.
Many online competitors do not provide high levels of pre-sales customer service, have no premises, and minimal staff costs so they can offer lower prices. In order to compete better with these online competitors we need to minimise the pre-sales and post-sales costs on a similar basis.
Also, we do recognise that customers who prepay by cash, eftpos, or online direct credit do save us a great deal of time (authenticating customer details), money (merchant fees) and risk (checking for fraud).

I want to talk to someone about a product before ordering it, will I still get the online cash discount?
We pride ourselves in being able to offer expert technical advice to help guide customers. However, one of the main purposes of the online cash discount is to provide a discount incentive to save time and costs. This way customers who do most of the pre-sales work themselves can be rewarded for their efforts. If it is a very short query (one or two minutes) then we can normally help and still provide the online cash discount, but anything more involved will mean that we will not be able to provide this discount. If we were to give the online only cash discount to everyone and still incur additional staffing and related costs then prices would need to be increased to offset the extra costs.

Can I come in and collect the order from the store?
Yes, most products can be collected directly from the store, thus saving on freight and handling costs. There are a small number of products that can only be ordered online and must be shipped out direct to you. These products will normally be listed with an availability of online or online only. For products that are not normally stocked at the store there may be a requirement for prepayment as many suppliers will not take back stock if orders are later cancelled or the customer fails to show up.

I saw an advertised price in a Computer Direct print ad, but it's a different price on your Web site.
Prices in the computer industry can fluctuate quickly. The prices on our Web site are updated in real time, but print ads are prepared ahead of time. If you see a price discrepancy, let us know and we will normally be able to honour the lower price.

Does Computer Direct match the prices of its competitors?
In most cases, Computer Direct will match or better the prices of our competitors if possible. To receive the better price you must email or call your Computer Direct account manager. We need to know the name of the competitor, evidence of the price offered and their current availability of stock.

Can you tell me when a product comes in stock?
The best way to know when a product comes in is to use Direct News. This will notify you when the product is in stock. Please feel free to speak to a Computer Direct account manager using our toll free number, 0800-007-008, for further information.

What does OEM mean and how can I purchase this item?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Microsoft have OEM licensing rules that allow us to provide their products at a lower than normal price without the usual retail packaging and manuals.

Desktop versions of MS Windows XP OEM products may be sold with a non-peripheral piece of computer hardware. A non-peripheral hardware component is essential to running a PC and includes components such as: memory, internal drives, mice, keyboards, power supplies/cords and internal devices. Examples of components that are not considered essential are: scanners, printers, cameras and external modems/networking devices. OEM versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Vista & Server and can only be distributed with a fully assembled PC. A fully assembled PC consists of (at least): A CPU, Motherboard, Hard Drive, Power Supply and Case.

OEM Medialess Licenses of Microsoft Office 2007 Basic, Small Business, or Professional can only be distributed to customers for new computers (purchased within the last 90 days), many new computers now include a 60 day trial installation of OEM MS Office 2007 Basic, Small Business, or Professional (For OEM Office 2007 Home & Student, it must be pre-installed on the new computer to start with). The Medialess License key provided effectively unlocks the trial software to provide a fully usable OEM license for that new computer. The OEM License for MS Office 2007 only allows you to ever use the software on the one specific computer that it was purchased for. In other words, when that computer is old and slow and it is time to throw it away, that license must legally be thrown away as well. Whereas Full Retail Packaged Product may be uninstalled off an existing or old computer and reinstalled on a different or new computer (license can only be transferred once every 90 days) without having to buy another license. Also, the Full Package Product license allow you to install the Office Software on a separate Notebook & Desktop PC at the same time for the one user.

OEM versions of Microsoft hardware products like keyboards and mice may only be distributed with a fully assembled computer system or some other non-Microsoft computer hardware component.
For a better guide please view the following A Simple Guide to OEM Licensing

Is there a way to monitor prices automatically?
Yes, you can monitor specific product prices by using our Direct News feature. To take advantage of this feature you must have an Account.

What is Direct News?
The Direct News feature can be used once you have an Account. Direct News allows you to track prices and availability of up to five different products. When a product drops to the price of your specification, or when we get the product in stock, we'll send you an e-mail. To use Direct News you need to have an Account created.

Is my order subject to state sales tax?
All orders shipped in New Zealand are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST).

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
The shipping cost can vary depending on the distance and method of delivery you select. If you would like to figure out the cost of shipping charges, use our Shipping Calculator. Click here to learn more about Computer Direct shipping policies or see our terms and policies for complete information.

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Is your site secure?
Yes. Your personal information is stored safely behind our firewall. No one at Computer Direct, except authorized programmers, can access your password. The areas of our site which require you to provide your personal information include online ordering, order status, catalog request and most contest forms. To make sure you have the latest security features on your browser, you may want to download the most recent version of your favorite browser, which should have full SSL support. Click here to view our Privacy Pledge.

How do I know that my transaction is secure?
We employ the latest 128-bit encryption technology in all areas of the site, which requires you to provide your personal or account information. These include online ordering, order status, catalog requests and most contest forms. This is done to protect you from unauthorized use of the information you are sending to our server. To make sure you have the latest security features on your browser, download and install the latest version of your favorite browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Netscape Communicator.

What will my information be used for?
Personal information given to us for ordering on computerdirect.co.nz is not shared with any other entity without your permission. It is used for processing your order and for customizing your experience at computerdirect.co.nz. Click here to view our Privacy Pledge.

How often are the special offers on your site updated?
Special offers and pricing are updated in real time.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a very tiny piece of text Web sites place on your computer's hard drive. You can choose whether or not to receive these files by configuring your browser. Ordering online requires you to accept cookies. On most browsers, the default settings enable you to accept cookies, so if you haven't changed your defaults, you most likely don't have to do anything to ensure that your browser accepts cookies. The text in a Computer Direct cookie, by itself, only tells us that you have visited our site before. It does not store any personal information such as your e-mail address, street address, or phone number. Click here to view our Privacy Pledge.

Does your site use cookies?
Yes. Cookies are required to place orders online.

What if I do not accept the cookie?
If you choose not to accept a cookie you will not be able to purchase any products online, check order status online, or use the Direct News feature. You can shop online, however, and call in your order without using cookies.

How can I control which cookies I accept?
Your ability to control the cookies you accept depends on the type of browser you are using. If you are using Internet Explorer V3.0, choose View and then Options on your top navigation bar. Once in Options, click the Advanced tab and you will be given the option to check the box titled "Warn before accepting cookies." If you are using Internet Explorer V4.0, choose View and then Internet Options on your top navigation bar. Once in Internet Options, click the Advanced tab and scroll down to the yellow exclamation icon under Security. There you will be given three different options to regulate cookies. If you are using Netscape V3.0, you will need to find the cookie file on your hard drive. Netscape V3.0 groups all cookies into one file on your hard drive. Therefore, to regulate cookies you will need to locate them on your hard drive under the file cookie.txt on Windows Operating Systems or magiccookie on a Macintosh. If you are using Netscape V4.0, choose Edit and then Preferences on your top navigation bar. Once in Preferences, click Advanced located on the tree. This will give you four options to regulate cookies.

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